Rights Respecting School

Rights Respecting Schools is an initiative based around the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. Together with our work on Christian values, it helps us to form a moral code within the school. It encourages children to develop a very clear understanding of their rights but also of the kinds of actions they need to be taking within the school and the local and global community if they want to fully enjoy their rights and ensure that others enjoy them too. This work allows the children to have a much stronger voice within the school which helps us to drive the school forwards. We achieved the Level 2 Rights Respecting School Award in November 2016! Click here to read our Assessment Report for Level 2. 

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Click here to read the ‘Summary on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child’ by UNICEF

Click here to download our ‘Rights Respecting Information For Parents’ leaflet

Recent Projects

During the Autumn Term 2014 our children worked with Artists from ‘Love Art For Schools’ to create bespoke pieces of art work that represented some of the UNICEF Articles. EVERY child from Nursery to Year 6 participated and their individual art formed the main pieces which are now beautifully displayed in our school hall!

Click here to see our fantastic art work!

During the Spring Term 2015 our RRS Leader, Mrs Mepani and our RRS Link Governor, Mr Temple shortlisted children who had applied to become part of our steering group to work toward achieving the Level 2 award. Children had to complete an application form and were interviewed! Here are some of the projects the group have worked on:

-Creating a name for the group

-Working with Wendy Watts from Camden LA

-Creating a leaflet informing new parents and children all about what a  Rights Respecting School is

-Planning ‘A Day for Change’

-Planning and organising ‘Take Over Day’

-Creating a powerpoint to show the rights we use in school

-Raising money for a range of charities

-Visiting local businesses informing them of UNICEF’s work through the Rights Respecting award

Click here to read the powerpoint our Rights Respecting Champions created.