Emmanuel Express Newspaper 2015-2016

The Emmanuel Express is the school’s newspaper written by our pupils for our pupils. It is published every half term by a team of enthusiastic news champions, editors, creative managers and content managers.

acrobat-11 July 2016
acrobat-11 May 2016
acrobat-11 Easter 2016
acrobat-11 Spring 2016
acrobat-11 Spring 2016 note
acrobat-11 Christmas Edition 2015
acrobat-11 October 2015
acrobat-11 July 2015

The Express Newspaper is for everyone, and anyone can send the team articles to be considered for the next issue. Articles can be sent to newspaper@emmanuel.camden.sch.uk or there is a box in the library that children can post ideas in.

We hope you enjoy reading our Emmanuel Express Newspaper!