Vision, Aims & Values

During 2015-2016 school leaders and governors consulted with our school community to review Emmanuel’s vision, aims & values.  In September 2016 our new vision, aims & values were shared with the school community.


Our vision is of a school:

  • with a welcoming and caring Christian ethos where everyone is equally valued
  • which provides an excellent education in an inspiring environment
  • which has talented and dedicated staff, working in partnership with parents, to provide an environment where children develop a love of learning
  • where children enjoy a rich and exciting curriculum with a wide range of additional musical, sporting and artistic activities for all ages
  • where children leave equipped to meet the changes and challenges in their life ahead


Our pupils will:

  • strive to do their very best, achieving high standards for themselves
  • be confident, motivated and develop a love of learning
  • embrace the values of respect, tolerance and compassion
  • understand and celebrate the diversity of their community and take an active role in society

Our staff will:

  • provide a caring and stimulating environment for all children that fosters a love of learning
  • dedicate themselves to achieving the best outcomes for all pupils
  • develop their skills and knowledge in pursuit of the highest standards
  • work together internally and with other schools to develop excellent practice

Our leaders will:

  • develop a truly inclusive school with a strong Christian ethos that celebrates diversity and embraces all religions, faiths, cultures and backgrounds
  • deploy their resources to secure best value and high outcomes for pupils
  • set high expectations for teaching and learning and expect all pupils and staff to achieve challenging targets
  • provide a secure supportive environment where children can develop respect for themselves, others and their surroundings resulting in pride in themselves, their peers and their school


Our school motto is ASPIRE. Our school values are shared with our school community through our ASPIRE TREE. Each Friday in celebration assembly two children receive an ASPIRE AWARD. One is awarded for a child demonstrating one of our ASPIRE Christian values and the other for demonstrating one of our ASPIRE learning values. Their award is displayed on their class ASPIRE TREE so everyone to celebrate their achievements and is published in our weekly newsletter.

Affection Ambitious
Service Supportive
Peace Partnership
Inclusion Independent
Respect Resilient
Empathy Engagement