Remote Learning

Remote Learning

During this time of school closure, our pupils have lessons uploaded on to Google Classroom each day. These lessons include daily Literacy, Maths and Phonics (for Reception and KS1) as well as all other curriculum areas being covered over a fortnight. To support and engage pupils with their learning, we use a range of videos, pre-recorded presentations and live Google Meet sessions as well as provide feedback to questions via the class steam and to work submitted.

Click here for instructions on how to access and use Google Classroom

Click here for a video tutorial on using Google Classroom

Click here for a guide on how to access feedback the teacher has provided

Click here for information on how to use Google docs

Click here for information on how to access a Google Meet

Alongside the lessons uploaded onto Google Classroom, we also use the following online resources to support learning; each child has their own individual logins to access these.





Daily Timetables

Children respond well to consistent, clear routines and in order to support positive daily habits, each class has a suggested daily timetable These have been created to mirror the school day and include recommendations on the timings for each learning task.  Alongside the learning activities, daily exercise, reading and also the opportunity to reflect through a Collective Worship or Mindful Moment are included in the timetable.

Click here to see the suggested daily timetable for:

Nursery                         Reception                         Year 1                      Year 2

Year 3                            Year 4                               Year 5                       Year 6

Further Resources

As a school, we place our pupils’ wellbeing at the forefront of our work; children who are happy and safe will be ready and able to learn. Do read our Wellbeing Updates for activities and ideas of how to support your child during school closure, or visit the Wellbeing Google Classroom.

We have created a list of further useful websites and, if your child has special educational needs, here are some additional resources to support you.

Lastly, to read more about our Remote Education, do read our Remote Education Policy.