Super Healthy Week

Calling all superheroes for a super healthy week in Nursery Class.
At the beginning of the week, we received a letter from the Couch Potato who loved eating chocolate, sweets and biscuits. He spent lots of time on a sofa, watching TV and thought that a remote control was the best invention ever as he didn’t even have to get up to change channels. But his teeth hurt sometimes. His tummy ached, he couldn’t fall asleep and he felt grumpy and argued with his friends a lot. Nursery Class wanted to be super healthy superheroes and decided to help the Couch Potato. We opened a Super Healthy Café where everyone could pick their own super powers. We had laser vision carrots, super speed cucumbers, super strength strawberries and many more.
We showed the Couch Potato how to exercise to stay healthy. We discussed the importance of brushing teeth and we had so much fun teaching the Couch Potato how to choose healthy snacks. We made freshly squeezed orange and lemon juices, prepared a green salad, tasted different fruits in our Super Healthy Café and sorted a shopping bag onto a healthy and unhealthy plate. Now we all know what food we should choose for our snacks.