Year 6

Welcome to the 6Mc home learning page!

The activities below are our suggestions for learning at home.  They are not compulsory and you can do as much or as little to suit the needs of your family.  If you would like more or different tasks for your child to complete, do see the ‘Websites’ section under the ‘School Closure’ tab.

For each day, your teacher has prepared one maths lesson, one literacy lesson and one foundation subject lesson.

Where possible, your teacher has provided the answers to the task on a separate slide; you or your parents and carers can mark your work when you have finished.

If you don’t finish all the work in one day don’t worry, just pick up where you left off the next day.

Week 1 – 1.6.20

Year 6 are welcomed back to school from Tuesday 2nd June 2020.  However, brass lessons will not be able to take place so they will continue to be posted here each week.

Here is the sheet music for this week

And here is the lesson:

Week 5 – 18.5.20

Week 5 Maths

Week 5 Literacy

Week 5 Foundation subjects

Here is this week’s sheet music for brass

And here is the video:

Week 4 – 11.5.50

Week 4 Maths

Week 4 Literacy

Week 4 Foundation subjects

Here is this week’s sheet music for brass

And here is the video!

Week 3 – 4.5.20

Week 3 Maths

Week 3 Literacy

Week 3 Foundation subjects

Brass Lessons

Ms McDougal and Mr Thornton will be making video lessons each week for you to follow.  See below for this week’s and here is the sheet music:

Here are some videos if your brass instrument is a little rusty!

Instrument maintenance videos:

Week 2- 27.4.20

Week 2 Maths

Week 2 Literacy

Week 2 Foundation subjects


Week 1- 20.4.20

Week 1 Maths

Week 1 Literacy

Shackleton’s Journey pages 1-24

Shackleton’s Journey pages 25-46

Shackleton’s Journey pages 47-end

Week 1 Art

Week 1 Science

Week 1 RE

Week 1 PSHE

Week 1 Geography