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Whilst it feels deeply uncomfortable as a state school to ask parents for money, if you are in the position to afford a donation; whether that’s a one-off or a monthly contribution, we would be deeply grateful for your generosity and support for the additional opportunities that make Emmanuel so special.

Make a monthly donation

If you can afford a monthly contribution, it will make a huge difference to all of our pupils. There are currently 168 families at Emmanuel. If half of those families were able to donate £20 a month, that would raise £20,160 for the school each year. And if you can spare £50 a month, think what a difference that would make.  To set up a monthly donation, please use the link below:

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can supplement your donation by 25% by completing a Gift Aid declaration when making your donation.

Make a one-off donation

Gift Matching

Check to see if your company does corporate gift matching. It makes a huge difference at no extra cost to you. Please contact for more information.


Volunteer to help at a PFE event by emailing